Passive House

Passive House

One of the most rigorous, performance-based certifications currently on the market, Passive House-certified buildings use approximately 80% less energy than traditionally designed and constructed buildings. NEI has multiple Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHCs), Passive House Certified Builders, and Passive House Certified Raters on staff, WUFI Passive modeling capabilities, and can provide Passive House Rater services either in-house (depending on location of the project) or with a network of trusted rating professionals across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

If maximum energy efficiency is a primary project goal, NEI has the technical expertise and experience to help you optimize your project design to conserve energy in ways that make sense for the building’s intended use and budget. At NEI, we bring our Passive House experience to all the projects we work on, whether or not a Passive House certification is the ultimate goal, ensuring energy efficiency and lower operating costs for years to come.

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