Monitoring & Optimization R&D

Monitoring & Optimization R&D

The issues around getting and analyzing building performance data are complex. Data is important in addressing questions – but what data? In combination with what other data? Analyzed how? New Ecology has been researching and testing our own remote monitoring system that uses low-cost, non-proprietary equipment of our own assemblage. On a case by case basis, we are determining what data matters most, how to get it and how to analyze it all interactively. In addition to working with others to develop and improve sensor technology, we are also working to pull in data from existing devices and platforms.

With continued growth in the automation industry and the Internet of Things, real time data is getting easier to obtain. Unfortunately, each device has its own platform to collect, analyze and display data specific to that device, and these platforms typically don’t communicate on their own. This creates silos of data and prevents the comprehensive understanding needed to generate solutions.

We get it – you don’t want data; you want your data interpreted and solutions to your problems. In addition to achieving that goal, New Ecology hopes to develop compelling evidence that this approach should become an energy conservation measure offered or subsidized by utility energy efficiency programs.

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