Strategic Energy Analysis & Planning

Strategic Energy Analysis & Planning

Sometimes, building performance problems and solutions are obvious: an old, failing boiler should be replaced; swapping obsolete lighting for LEDs can deliver immediate, dramatic savings. At other times the situation and the path to improved performance is less clear.

Whether you are just getting started greening your portfolio, looking to develop new tools and tactics to streamline your property and asset management, or want to develop and deploy an ambitious plan to achieve portfolio-wide energy performance goals, NEI’s Strategic Energy Analysis and Planning service can help.

NEI’s building energy experts and data scientists create data-driven strategic plans. We work with you to establish benchmarking practices and utility performance targets, to create utility management and monitoring tools, to identify buildings or systems ripe for improvement, and to devise practical plans to realize your goals. With NEI’s help, you can effectively leverage available resources to meet your goals – maximizing not only the efficiency of your portfolio, but also your time.


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