O&M Planning & Training

O&M Planning & Training

Have you seen the savings from your greening efforts slip away over time? Has changing technology and/or staff turnover left you feeling that your O&M efforts aren’t as effective as they used to be?  You’re not alone. The transition from construction to building operation and management, fully understanding the needs of new equipment, and training and keeping skilled staff are all challenges we see clients grappling with every day. Your response to those challenges determines whether you will manage by reacting to problems – and the chaos and expense that invariably accompanies problems – or by proactively planning and preparing.

NEI is skilled at working with maintenance and management staff to tailor processes that fit within existing structures and capabilities. This work may include developing new mechanisms and tools, simple to complex, or simply reviewing and enhancing those already in place. Developing and/or maintaining documentation is a key aspect of our efforts as creating retrievable, institutional knowledge can be invaluable.

NEI develops clear, comprehensive, and customized operational manuals that include written and photographed references for each piece of equipment as well as preventative maintenance guidelines and checklists.  We provide personalized training sessions to familiarize staff with systems and their maintenance. We help management staff understand what maintenance and replacement activities will impact the efficiency and sustainability of the project.

Finally, we have to recognize that the building occupants have the potential to undermine the performance of your building if they don’t understand the basics of how to be a team player – and how it benefits their environment.  NEI develops “Green Guides” to help occupants understand the green and high performance nature of the building and educates them on how to interact with that building to promote comfort, health, efficiency, and even reduce costs. We work with property management staff on how to effectively engage with occupants on these topics.

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