Remote Monitoring & Optimization (ReMO)

Remote Monitoring & Optimization (ReMO)

Building owners often invest significant resources into high-efficiency HVAC equipment. While initial savings may be impressive (and meet expectations), they often trail off over time. This equipment is more complicated than what preceded it and can be challenging to manage effectively. This leaves owners and maintenance staff at a loss for how to achieve the return on investment they were expecting.

Getting and analyzing building performance data is complex. With continued growth in the automation industry and the Internet of Things, real-time data is getting easier to obtain. Unfortunately, each device has its own platform to collect, analyze and display data specific to that device, and these platforms typically don’t communicate on their own. This creates silos of data and prevents the comprehensive understanding needed to generate solutions.

New Ecology has researched and tested our own remote monitoring system that uses low-cost, non-proprietary equipment of our own assemblage. We call it ReMO- Remote Monitoring and Optimization. On a case by case basis, we are determining what data matters most, how to get it and how to analyze it all, interactively. Real-time monitoring is the key to solving performance problems, increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems, and preventing future issues.

Our research has demonstrated that targeted, remote monitoring of boiler systems can identify operational inefficiencies, needed maintenance, and more. The data we collect using our ReMO service is used to optimize these systems—results to date show a savings of between 5-20% of natural gas consumed for space heating. Ongoing monitoring is insurance against performance drift and provides valuable information that can inform your maintenance functions. Monitoring and optimization also has the potential to extend the useful life of the equipment and even head off complaints and emergencies. Achieving—and maintaining—these results is very cost effective.

Additionally, customized performance alerts keep you clued into any HVAC performance problems your buildings may be experiencing, immediately. It’s like having a full-time staff member who is constantly watching over your equipment, all day, every day.

New Ecology continues to research and develop our Remote Monitoring and Optimization service. Interested in learning more? Watch the video and then contact us for more information.

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