Remote Monitoring & Optimization (ReMO)

Remote Monitoring & Optimization (ReMO)


Do you struggle to keep your buildings running efficiently?

Do you feel like you are constantly reacting to frequent or recurring problems rather than solving them?

Do staff retirements and turnover only make this situation worse?

Maybe it is time to try a new approach.

Continuous monitoring of your central HVAC systems provides the data needed to diagnose problems and identify savings potential. This intel, in the hands of practiced experts, creates a capability you probably don’t currently possess. It creates a recorded history for anyone to use that outlives staff changes.

We call it ReMO: Remote Monitoring and Optimization.

We determine what data matters most, how to get it and how to analyze it all, interactively. Real-time monitoring is the key to solving performance problems, increasing system efficiency, and preventing future issues. ReMO tells you what you need to know to save time and money.

It’s like having a set of expert eyes on your equipment 24/7.


New Ecology continues to research and develop what ReMO does. Interested in learning more? Watch the video and then contact us for more information.

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