Monitoring & Optimization

Monitoring & Optimization

Expensive and complicated Building Automation Systems (BAS) provide very detailed information related to system functionality. Unfortunately, most managers find it overwhelming to interpret this large volume of complex data and translate it into action that improves building performance. This results in lost operational savings from wasted energy, reactive maintenance emergencies, and equipment that may not last for its expected useful life.

Through monitoring over 150 boilers and water heaters in the Northeast, NEI has collected data revealing significant potential for energy savings and some unexpected results. We discovered that 80% of the boilers in our sample are overheating buildings, 58% are using inaccurate outdoor temperature readings to modulate load, 39% of the hot water systems are delivering unsafe potable water temperatures to tenants, and over 50% of all equipment is cycling excessively.

NEI takes the cost and guess work out of systems performance optimization with our low-cost monitoring systems and team of skilled and certified energy professionals and data scientists. We define and track customized performance metrics and propose operational changes that extend the life of equipment, save energy, water, and money, and improve occupant comfort. Along the way, we are working with your staff and building their knowledge base.

Already own a BAS? NEI is working to gather data directly from that system, interpret it, and provide actionable recommendations to improve building performance.


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