Audits and Analysis

Audits and Analysis

Understanding the baseline performance of a development is critical to good decision-making. NEI works with owners to benchmark the energy and water use of their projects, and understand how consumption and cost are effected by the physical attributes of the building envelope, systems and the behavior of tenants and staff. We evaluate and develop recommendations to implement cost-effective, practical efficiency measures that result in performance improvement.

We have direct experience with:
• Heating systems
• Cooling systems
• Ventilation
• Domestic hot water and other plumbing systems
• High efficiency systems (cogeneration, ground or air source heat pumps)
• Renewable energy systems
• Building envelope

Our suite of diagnostic testing includes:
• Blower door testing
• Infrared scans
• Duct leakage testing
• Combustion analysis
• Ventilation testing
• Lighting power analysis
• BTU metering
• Ultrasonic flow metering
• Electric metering
• Wireless temperature, humidity, and lighting data loggers
• Customized remote monitoring and alerts

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