Remote Monitoring & Optimization: Water Monitoring

Remote Monitoring & Optimization: Water Monitoring

Water and sewer costs are fast becoming the greatest utility expense in many buildings. Learning about leaks from monthly or quarterly water bills is a painful and costly experience.

New Ecology has developed a way to detect leaks faster and save money with minute-by-minute tracking.

We call it ReMO: Remote Monitoring and Optimization.

Additional benefits include:

  • Minute-by-minute water consumption tracking
  • Performance tracking – use and cost
  • Checking bill accuracy

ReMO is non-invasive:

  • No plumber, no pipes cut
  • No utility company involvement
  • No disruption of tenants
  • No internet required

ReMO works on most types of meters.

PRF 62

NEI is a Massachusetts state pre-qualified PRF 62 vendor, greatly simplifying your procurement process.

In Massachusetts, public agencies can easily procure ReMO services from a Commonwealth of Massachusetts statewide contract: PRF62 Energy Consulting Services Designated DOER. Remote Monitoring is a Facility Maintenance and Operations Advisory service.

The User Guide for PRF62 can be found here.

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