IoT Product Technician Intern (summer 2019)

New Ecology is developing low-cost building monitoring systems designed to reduce energy and water consumption, reduce carbon outputs, improve occupant comfort, lower operating costs and reduce equipment maintenance costs. The IoT Product Technician Intern will work directly with a talented team to physically build these systems for use at our client’s sites and prepare them for installation. This requires careful attention to detail and documentation; the work will be supervised and undergo quality control checks. We will rapidly be increasing the buildings in which these systems are installed over the next 12 to 18 months.
New Ecology is an innovative, nationally-recognized, non-profit corporation. Our core work is providing energy efficiency and green building services that cost-effectively improve the performance, health and durability of buildings. Our clients are typically owners of multifamily housing, (with an emphasis on affordable housing) and community-based projects such as municipal, educational and arts buildings. Projects include buildings that are being newly constructed, renovated, or are just seeking improved performance; see

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reading and understanding the Assessment documentation, including system schematics, that outlines system specification;
  • Reading and understanding the Build Sheet that provides instruction on what is to be constructed;
  • Using hand tools to construct monitoring systems as specified;
  • Packing systems for transport;
  • Following established protocols to document each system built;
  • Using existing inventory software to document the material used for each system built;
  • and Occasional assist of workshop clean-up.

Depending on the applicant’s qualifications and interests, other aspects of the work to which the IoT Intern is likely to be exposed to may include:

  • Installing built systems at customer site;
  • Assessing a site to determine the monitoring system design;
  • Analyzing live data being collected from hydronic heating and hot water systems in boiler rooms across Massachusetts;
  • Determining which possible energy conservation measures are applicable to each building;
  • and Recommending changes that can be made to optimize system efficiency within the scope of the project.

This is an hourly paid position, funding however may be contingent upon support from outside grants such as the MassClean Energy Internship program.

To Apply:
Please submit your cover letter and resume to: (please put “IoT Product Technician Internship” in the subject line). Priority may be given to students enrolled in, or eligible for the MassClean Energy Internship program: internship-program.

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