Zach McDonald, Assistant Project Manager

Zach McDonald – Assistant Project Manager, HERS Rater, LEED AP-Homes

Zach Joined NEI in December 2017.  His professional experience has been focused on diagnostic testing and determining sustainable retrofits for existing residential buildings.  He has experience making energy efficiency upgrade plans to homeowners and helping them access rebates available through the Mass Save program.  Prior to NEI, Zach led the Weatherization Assistance Program and Heating Repair and Replace Program for Stafford County in New Hampshire at a community action agency.  He managed the allocation of funding from the Department of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, and Eversource and performed quality control inspections on contracted installs. Recently, his focus has shifted to working with project development teams to cost-effectively improve the performance, community health, and durability of affordable housing being newly constructed or substantially renovated while minimizing operating costs. Zach holds a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics with a minor in Energy Science from the University of Nebraska and is excited to collaborate with dedicated people to reduce the negative impacts of the built environment and ensure sustainable development.

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