Harry Oakley, Senior Associate


Harry Oakley – Senior Associate, HERS, BPI

Mr. Oakley joined New Ecology in 2014. His interest in sustainable design led him to achieve his BPI Building Analyst Professional credential and become a Licensed HERS Rater in 2015. Mr. Oakley is providing field service and HERS modeling support for NEI projects, has assisted in Enterprise Green Communities Certification projects, and developed project specific Operations & Maintenance Manuals. Mr. Oakley is also helping develop and execute our Utility Allowance Services. Prior to New Ecology, Mr. Oakley worked for Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management developing new and revised guidelines to the State’s Soil Erosion and Sediment Control regulations and policy. During this time, Mr. Oakley graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics (ENRE). Currently, Mr. Oakley is attending Johnson and Whales University in Providence, Rhode Island, working toward an MBA to strengthen his knowledge of business practices in relation to his passion for energy efficiency, sustainability and building science.

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