Debra Hall, Director of New Markets


Debra Hall – Director of New Markets

Ms. Hall joined New Ecology in August 2015 and she assists the management team in developing and implementing programs, policies, and business ventures related to New Ecology’s growth and expansion. She is overseeing NEI’s expansion of energy efficiency services to multifamily properties throughout the US, in collaboration with Chicago-based Elevate Energy. Prior to New Ecology, Ms. Hall spent a year as a project manager at WinnDevelopment, planning the financing and construction of several rooftop PV solar projects on affordable multifamily properties in historic mill buildings, using a HUD grant of Energy Innovation Funds for credit enhancement. She arranged solar Net Metering Credit agreements for Winn-owned and -managed affordable housing developments across Massachusetts. Ms. Hall previously spent seven years as the first Sustainability Program Developer working in the Bureau of Public Housing at MA Department of Housing & Community Development. She mobilized $5-10 million per year in state bond funds, utility energy efficiency funds, state and federal grants for weatherization, heating system upgrades, water conservation and renewables throughout the 40,000 units of state-supported public housing portfolio in 200+ communities. She represented the Secretary of Housing & Economic Development on the statewide Energy Efficiency Advisory Board and Zero Net Energy Buildings Task Force. In previous work at Ceres and Business for Social Responsibility, Ms. Hall worked with global companies on corporate sustainability reporting and sharing best practices related to green product and building design, climate risk assessment and greening the supply chain in the apparel, auto and food industries. Ms. Hall holds a Bachelor’s degree from Williams College, where she discovered her passion for environmental stewardship, and a Master’s degree in City & Regional Planning from Harvard University.

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