Gloria Cross Mwase

Senior Project Manager, Jobs For The Future, Boston, MA

Dr. Mwase is a Senior Project Manager for the Building Economic Opportunities Group at Jobs for the Future (JFF). She brings over ten years of project management and coordination experience in the nonprofit sector. Among her publications are studies that explore the role of community-based organizations in employment training and economic development, as well as an analysis of state policies affecting remedial instruction for adults. Her projects include Breaking Through, which promotes strategies that help low-literacy adults succeed in careers by accessing higher education and training through community colleges. She also leads the capacity building and peer learning efforts for the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, which supports partnerships that recruit, train, place, retain, and advance new and incumbent workers in key industry sectors. Prior to coming to JFF, Dr. Mwase worked as a local representative for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, where she served on the Funders Group for SkillWorks, a workforce intermediary in Boston. Dr. Mwase has taught at Cambridge College and the University of Massachusetts Boston. She earned a B.A. in economics from Tougaloo College and both an M.S. and Ph.D in public policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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